Established Since 2017

About Us

Fast Lab Sdn Bhd is an independent commercial laboratory based in Penang. We are dedicated to serving our customers with a good range of testing in chemistry and microbiology. We are committed to providing reliable and accurate results consistently. The analyses carried out by us comply with local and international standards.

A Brief History

Fast Lab was established in 2017. The idea of a commercial testing lab was decided due to the increasing awareness of the Public, the Producers and the Authorities of the importance of food and feed safety and its impact on the environment. With a skillful professional team in our lab, which is currently undergoing ISO/IEC 17025, accurate and reliable results are confidently delivered to meet customers' satisfaction.

Our Vision

To become an ASEAN premier testing laboratory service provider.

Our Values

Our philosophy has been founded to give excellent service as a testing laboratory provider to our business partners and engage in the continuous improvements in the various industries affecting our health and our environment.

Our People

Our Team's collective capabilities, professionalism and enthusiasm enable us to be well rounded and proactive with a deep understanding of our customers' businesses and needs and the Regulatory requirements.

Our Mission

We are committed to serve our business partners with reliable and comprehensive testing and to live up to our acronym.

F - Fast action in services as customers come first.

A - Accredited lab to deliver accurate and reliable results.

S - Skillful professional team which is consistently improving its skills and knowledge.

T - Thorough in all aspects including engaging in the latest techniques and technology.

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